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Please note that we only offer the U-trainer Plus with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 50 units. 

Partner Mode

EMI digital weight machine offers adjustable resistance on both sides, enabling you to train simultaneously with friends, loved ones, or family members, delivering a unique fitness experience for all of you.

Replacing Heavy Gym Machine

The EMI digital machine has the capability to substitute for many heavy gym machines, including rowing, skiing, Smith machine, boxing machines, and more.

Unlock More Movements

With six diverse add-ons included, users gain the flexibility to target different muscle groups across their entire body.

Cardio & Strength & HIIT in one

Access a comprehensive, low-impact workout that actively engages and targets most of your muscle groups for a full-body fitness experience.

EMI digital weight machine

HIIT Workout

Cardio & Strength in One

Individually Weight Adjusted

Partner Workout

Full Body Workout

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Dual Electromagnetic Motor

Our developed dual EMI motor revolutionizes smart fitness devices, mitigating electromagnetic interference to optimize performance. Its key advantages include efficient energy conversion, enabling precise and adaptable motion control for a seamless fitness experience.


The resistance is regulated by pulse width modulation of the current, with more precise gear segmentation. It can truly achieve precise adjustment from level 1 to 100, with a resistance accuracy of up to 0.1N.m.

Magnetic resistance

Millisecond-level resistance changes for precise responsiveness, achieving digital precision control.


Smooth transition between resistance levels for a gentler and smoother exercise experience.


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Key Specs


Black, Orange

Resistance adjustment mode:


Resistance level:

100 levels

Maximum resistance:

50 kg on each side

Maximum weight capacity:

110 kg


Folding Dimension

702*992*2105 mm

Expanded Dimension

1450*992*2105 mm

Packaging size

1445*490*275 mm

Net weight

47 kg

Gross weight

58 kg

Product Details

Package Included

Host Machine/Assembly Rack/ Ankle Strap/Hand Grip/Handle/Belt/Barbell/Tricep Rope

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cable or bands or some kind of fly wheel?

Experience cutting-edge innovation with our patented EMI motor, seamlessly driving the cable for unparalleled performance.

Can you do overhead presses with this?

All of these exercises are feasible, and our product facilitates training for all muscle groups.

What safety features are available if you overload your squat?

Don't worry, our product features a patented EMI motor without concentric force, providing the utmost protection.

How many different heights can the locking mechanism be adjusted to?

Our equipment offers versatility with the ability to adjust between two positions: high and mid. Whether you prefer a higher or more centered workout, our product provides flexibility to accommodate your fitness needs

Can you do back squat with this or only front squat?

All of these exercises are feasible, and our product allows for a comprehensive workout targeting all muscle groups.

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